Shri. N. L. Banajawad Memorial Educational and Charity Trust, Athani was established on 10th November 2014.

This society has its own quality policy committed to.

  • Society at large
  • Education with a global perspective.
  • Infusion of latest technology for growth.
  • Enhancement of each student’s learning curve.
  • Providing a congenial working environment by improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.

The president Smt. Lata Laxman Banajawad and the secretory Shri Siddappa Ningappa Banajawad are outstanding visionary leaders and Social workers. Their vision to provide education for all. And the Trust has many objectives to improve the present community to responsible and progressive community of the future.

The founder of this trust Shri. Laxman Ningappa Banajawad is an edupreneur by birth, He is the heart and soul of this trust and Banajawad Educational Empire. He thought of developing world class education for the young minds and hearts of Athani and beyond. Actually his vision has taken the big leap into future by creating the perfect, enthusiastic and holistic learning atmosphere in lush green campus for the children to develop their innate potential. Because of his legacy & the humanist principles uphold his commitment to deliver high quality education and excellence at BEMS Athani.

The Co-founder and Administrator Smt. Anita Laxman Banajawad is committed to be the supporting and guiding force in all aspects of improving & promoting the progressive activities of this great educational “ Banajawad Empire” Madam Anita is the role model for “Women Power.” she is completely involved herself in this noble cause of giving bright future for the young community of India & world.

Main Objectives

  • Provide very good and futuristic education for everyone with a focus on emerging trends
  • Extend helping hard to provide medical facility, relief facility, rural empowerment and welfare of disabled and aged people of this locality.
  • Encourage and facilitate activities to improve underprivileged section of society.
  • Establish community care centers for people in need.
  • Take up Eco-friendly activities to protect and preserve the mother earth and its beauty.
  • Promote Sustainable development activities in rural areas of this locality.